Divyanka Dahiya ‘s GOLDEN Rules to love Vivek

Popular Actress Divyanka Tripathi tied the knot with her Yeh Hai Mohabbatein co-star Vivek Dahiya, in a dreamy wedding held in Bhopal on Friday. The wedding was held indoors.

Divyanka wore a heavily embroidered red lehenga while Vivek looked handsome in a traditional shervani. The couple took time to speak to the media after the rituals.

Now that she is a married woman, there are certain thumb rules that she will always follow. One of them being to never sleep over an argument.

She says, “I won’t sleep until I have resolved an issue with my husband. I can never lie to my partner. Even if the truth is harsh, I’ll break it to my partner, but won’t lie.”

Divyanka’s family has also shared some pearls of wisdom with her. “My sister advised that I should give enough respect to my husband’s family. My mother advised me that I should not keep complaining about my husband all the time as women tend to crib. My father told me to never let ego come in between our relationship.”

Now that she has embarked on a new journey. Is she nervous? “Nothing scares me about marriage. It is beautiful to see two people in a lasting relationship. Every match is made in heaven and I feel lucky to find my life partner in a person with whom I’d love to spend my entire life. A person has to be truly blessed for such a union. Fortunately, I have seen only successful and motivating relationships around me that inspired me to get married. I am now looking forward to a happy married life with Vivek,” says Divyanka.

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