You Must Read Divyanka Tripathi beauty tips which make her Glow!

When we talk about Divyanka Tripathi, the first thing comes in our mind is her naturally glowing and flawless skin.

Well, if you girls want to know the secrets behind this diva’s glowing skin, then here it is. Take a look as we bring to you Divyanka’s beauty secrets that you too can follow.

And, getting naturally radiant skin is not always about spending a fortune. Divyanka Reveals some natural Home remedies for clean and clear skin.

Divyanka Tripathi beauty tips for skin glow

Tip 1:Castor Oil and Sea salt

Mix both these ingredients together to form a paste. It will act as scrub for your body. Wet your skin and rub this paste in circular motion.

How it Works : The extra fine salt is a natural abrasive that opens the pores.The salt scrub can help remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate and hydrate remaining cells. A salt rub can also aid in improving circulation and reducing swelling. Castor Oil penetrates deep int the skin and helps to keep your skin glowing.

Tip 2 : Face Scrub : Powdered Sugar

Divyanka gives another tip for face that is with powdered sugar. First of all wet your face and rub sugar in circular motion. When it melts, wash your face. It acts as a natural scrub for Face

Tip 3: Gram Flour

According to Divyanka, Mix Gram Flour and turmeric with milk to form a paste.

How it works: Besan helps in removing dead cells, Turmeric is anti fungal and Milk helps to keep your skin hydrated and also as a moisturizer.

Point to be Noted: This Tip was passed to Divyanka by her hubby Vivek Dahiya.

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