Divyanka Tripathi & Vivek Dahiya Wedding teaser – 3/3

Each and every moment of Divyanka tripathi‘s  fairy tale wedding, are beautifully made and captured in video. This videos has been a gesture of love as story for Divyanka tripathi and Vivek dahiya.

3rd teaser of Rang Dey of Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek dahiya is now Out she tells that her parents are initially skeptical about vivek.

Divyanka says he connected into music and got back music into life.

Divyanka’s parents also wanted to know what kind of guy Vivek Dahiya was. She says that her mother and elder sister wanted to meet and interact with him.

She also points out how 90 per cent of the guys behave in the industry and say that it is easy to lose touch with reality in this field.

However, Vivek was just not like those and bowled everyone one with his maturity. He was not like the typical industry boys.

She tells that most men are not sure what they demand from a relationship. They believed in the institution of marriage. The belief that united them into a knot.