Divyanka’s Open Secrets of Live, Laugh and Love

Divyanka Tripathi Open Secrets of Live, Laugh and Love

Divyanka Tripathi who is famous for her soft spoken and understanding nature.

Live :

Divyanka is a person who enjoys every single moment. She indulges herself into learning new things or doing something new in daily life. Not many know that she is a mountaineer and her love for Adventures never die. When some may fear to jump from a cliff, Divyanka enjoys to do it.

She is up for any kind of adventure either shooting under water, driving bus or fighting with crocodile.

Divyanka Tripathi Love :

When people think of love, they usually lean toward the connection between two partners. Love can be anything that makes you feel extra happy in your heart.Divyanka Showers love on her fans

Now she has her love of Life as Vivek Dahiya. In an interview, She shared that” Vivek and she are madly in love with each other and it was Vivek’s simplicity that attracted her towards him. She also added that he really takes care of her and makes her feel comfortable. “

divyanka Tripathi love

divyanka Tripathi love


Laughing is the best medicine for healthy mind and body.

Divyanka Tripathi is one of those who keeps spreading love with her beautiful smile. Even though she is tired with long hour shoots, she takes time to be active in social media. She makes sure to bring a smile on fan’s Face with her selfie’s. She chats with them whenever she gets free time.

Not to miss, She also spreads positivity wherever she goes.

It’s obvious that Live,Love and Laugh suits best on Divyanka Tripathi.

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