10 Do’s and Don’ts of Getting That Divyanka’s Smile

Divyanka Tripathi smile

Wow our tellywood expression queen Divyanka tripathi tells all the secrets of beautiful smile.

DO drink water. Drinking water is pretty much good for you from top to bottom. Your skin, your weight, your hair AND your teeth. But, make sure it’s water with fluoride. Some bottled water may not contain fluoride, so just make sure you have some in your toothpaste. Fluoride reduces the formation of cavities and reduces tooth decay. Water also helps wash away some of the other sticky things you’ve been drinking and eating.

DON’T drink too much soda. Whether it’s diet or not, they contain phosphorous and carbonation. These both heavily wear away at your tooth’s enamel. So, we’ve made it clear it’s bad for your teeth. However, if you insist, try drinking it through a straw. This will keep the sugary substance further away from your teeth.

Smile Queen Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka Tripathi Smile

DON’T eat pickles, as tasty as they are…and even being green (Lol), the acidity is very bad for your pearly whites. I’m not saying you should cut out all highly acidic foods (like lemons, honey, pizza, wine), but don’t hold them in your mouth for too long and don’t eat them too often.

Another BIG DO! Apples (as well as other fiber rich fruits and veggies) promote healthy gums and fresh breath. They also help build teeth enamel and keep your mouth salivating…which I bet you didn’t know was also naturally good for your gums.

DON’T drink too much of this warm sugary delight. Like everything else on this “Don’t List,” no one is saying you can never have a cup of coffee, but like soda, you can and probably should drink it through a straw. And don’t drink it everyday. Coffee can and will stain your teeth brown and it will do it quickly so tread lightly.

DO drink lots of green and black teas. Maybe you could even switch out the coffee habit and have one of these more healthy options. Tea contains ingredients that kill and/or suppress bacteria. It helps keep those attacking acids from fighting the healthiness of your teeth and gums. But here’s the kicker…don’t use sugar. I know, I know. The sacrifices we must make. Lol

DO. Dakota Fanning is double teeth protecting. Lol. Divyanka drinking water and eating yogurt. Lol. Yogurt is good for your teeth like a lot of other dairy products. Calcium. Calcium. Calcium. This is good for you because it’s an instantaneous way to build enamel on your teeth. Vitamin D also helps prevent tooth decay.

DON’T eat too much pizza. Like pickles, it’s HIGHLY, HIGHLY acidic. The acid produced by bacteria eats away at enamel and immediately reveals the softer dentin layer beneath it. Once that happens, your mouth begins to go in the very opposite direction of the highly coveted Hollywood Smile.

DON’T use too much whitening toothpaste. Occasionally. Yes, But just like anything else…too much of one thing is never good and this is a fine example. Yes, it helps lift the stains of coffee and soda, but it can also be very abrasive and can start to make your teeth look worse because it’s working overtime.

DO eat lots of celery. Oh greeneries. Lol. Like apples, this is fiber packed and it’s working with little soldiers that attack plaque head-on. Another little fun fact: it also helps speed up the healing process for any cuts or wounds inside your mouth.

DON’T do anything too dramatic. I’m NOT saying all veneers are dramatic. I’ve seen some that have even made me consider getting them for myself. But sometime, they’re so big and it’s completely obvious they’re “fake teeth.” But DO try traditional braces, Invisline, or anything else that’s going to make you feel more comfortable about your smile. And hey, even if you want big obvious veneers like rapper Lil’ Scrappy, go for it, it’s YOUR mouth! Lol.