Ishita Raman and Ruhi will meet! Ashok Plan to kidnap Ruhi!

Balaji Telefilms Popular Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not leaving a single stone unturned to attract the audience with it’s interesting twists anf turns with each passing episode.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Raman and Ishita will get their daughter Ruhi back. Bhalla family will welcome Ruhi while Pihu is happy knowing Ruhi is her Didi in real. Ruhi’s re entry unite Raman and Ishita again where Bhalla family will ask Raman to accept Ishita as Ruhi has come back.

However, Ruhi will be seen rude with Ishita after Raman and Ishita’s marriage as she feels Ishita is responsible for her pain that she bear till 7 years. On the other hand, there is one person who is jealous a little bit seeing ishita’s love for Ruhi. Guess? She is none other than Aliya. She some what feels that ishita will forget her and her Appa with Ruhi’s return.

Most unfogettable moment in YHM after the post leap is Ruhi meets Ishita and Raman. Though they believe that she is Ruhi Chopra as she pretends to be be. Being as Ruhi Chopra she has become their family member. But now though they thik that she is Ruhi chopra, when they see MOLE on her face they remember that she is Ruhi, their darling little chubby daughter who has grown.

Ishita and raman will HUG RUHI as they had missed her from more than past 7 years, all their sorrow, grief, their pain has now vanished. Woh Ekta ji akhir aap ne milahi di!

Now they cant control their emotions, their deep feeling that has been suppressed from years. Ishita and Raman will hold ruhi and crying which hs no limits, they cant make a barriagge of their love for her!

Three of them crying, smiling, share their love for them, but that makers wont leave them happy. HAHAHA. Meanwhile as Ashok learns that Ruhaan is Ruhi bhalla so he wants to kidnap her, though it was not his plan but he want to beat Raman by goons, Ruhi says “At any cost she will save her Father”.  As soon as Raman know about this he will beat Ashok.

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