OH NO!!! Ishitha finds out Gulaboo’s true identity

Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi’s Yeh hai mohabbatein is going to bring a lot of twists and turns in the coming episodes of the show.

In the coming episodes of Yeh hai mohabbatein, Gulaboo’s real identity is going to get revealed as raman’s makeup but divya manages to inform raman.

Nidhi adds poison in the sweets but it is to be seen whether raman able to save everyone or not.

On the other hand,Ishitha and Shagun after seeing gualboo’s kind nature thinks to help her to solve gulaboo’s marital problems. Ishitha invites Gulaboo’s husband and raman gets into a trouble and asks some of his friends to become her husband.

Initially they didnot agree but at the last moment all of them come to mani’s house. They say that they are gulaboo’s husband which shocks ishitha but somehow raman manages.

Soon ishitha will guess that she has some connection with gulaboo. She will think about all the incidents bouquet, sari, Pihu saying gulaboo is just like raman,.. then she will find out that Raman came in gulabo’s diguise.

Will she confront’s him? Will raman tells nidhi being a threat for them? What is nidhi’s next plan.

Stay tuned for more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatien.

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