OH NO!!! Shagun to have MISCARRIAGE

Star Plus Yeh hai mohabbatein is going to bring a lot of twists and turns with it’s high voltage Drama. Ishita and Raman are doing their best for their children. Nidhi comes to Mani’s house and gets a place in his home with her drama. Shagun and ishitha ask her to stay in their home.

Shagun’s baby shower ceremony will be organized by aliya and she takes help from mihika and ishitha. Nishi will be on a plan to spoil the function. Ishitha and Mihika will dance together in shagun’s godhbharai, which will surpirse raman and romi.

According to TellyBuzz, Nidhi will enter Shagun’s house in disguise and attempt to kill her baby. She will add poison to the paysam meant for Shagun and as per sources, she would have a miscarriage.

Yes! And, that’s not it. It will be Mihika who will be blamed for having poisoned Shagun’s food and Nidhi will manage to get away with it.

Oh no… a lot of drama is going to happen. Poor mihika she is getting blamed without her knowledge.

We all know raman and ishitha will find a solution to bring the truth. Stay tuned for the next update.

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