Raman Cries for Ishita like a small child!

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Lots of drama is going to unfold in Raman and Shagun’s wedding. Pihu will be very much excited with Raman and Shagun’s wedding so she herself  will do all the preparation of their marriage.

We will see that Raman crying in the washroom holding the picture of him with Ishita and Ruhi. Poor Raman who is a real lover of Ishita, who had lost his entire Life for Ishita.

Who have always dreamed a beautiful life with Ishita and Ruhi, now with Pihu is crying like a child. As soon as he had announced his marriage with Shagun. 

He remembers all his memories, all his best moments, all the beautiful bond he had with Ishita. Ab Raman Phoot-Phoot ke Ro raha hai. Now He is talking with photos in washroom.  

Adi gave bytes too and he said that this is all happening so fast he doesn’t know how to stop this and plan anything and so came to talk to his dad and knock some sense into him.

He comes when Raman is talking aloud to himself watching his and Ishita’s wedding video and Adi perhaps has seen or overheard him as Adhi says that I got something and I am gonna poke my dad some more, thanks to what I now have in hand.