REVEALED: Romi and Adi’s NEW Plan for Raman and Ishita

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to amaze the viewers with it’s interesting twists and turns in every episode.

As we know that Raman aka Karan Patel entered mani’s house in the disguise of gulaboo. We must say, fans are loving this new look of karan and expecting more and more fun and drama.

In the upcoming track of Yeh hai mohabbatein, Gulaboo suggests a party for shagun to cheer up her mood. But Bhallas are not invited for this pooja.

Adi who want to meet his lady love asks romi to help him to meet aliya. Adi want to propose aliya. To enter mani’s house they both don madrasi look with moustache and lungi.

Adi also gives some tips to romi on how to talk in tamil. We have to find out how these guys enter the house.

The interesting twist in this pooja is ishitha invites gulaboo’s husband for the pooja. How will raman arrange a husband for him.

Will adi gets successful or gets caught by ishitha? Will adi recognize gulaboo is none other than raman.

Stay tuned to know more about next update on raman’s plan to meet ishita.

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