Shahnaz Rizwan :”I never planned it, it was all a beautiful accident”

Shahnaz Rizwan of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shahnaz Rizwan,who is famous for her role of Toshi Bhalla in Balaj Teleflims produced Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

she was selected for the role in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein after being spotted on YouTube.The lady, who is based from London, chose to be away from her family, to be part of Ekta’s project.

The actress swapped her home in the UK for Mumbai after being discovered by Ekta Kapoor through son Mawaan Rizwan’s online comedy channel MalumTV.The producer Ekta Kapoor was highly impressed with her acting skills and wanted Shenaz Rizwan only to play the character of Mrs. Bhalla.

Shahnaz Rizwan about her journey of television

When asked about it,Shahnaz Rizwan says,  “I never planned it, it was all a beautiful accident”.

Ekta kapoor waited for three months for the actress to play the role of Mrs.Bhalla.

The actress has won widespread acclaim for her performance as Mrs Bhalla in the serial and confirmed that she had other exciting new projects in the pipeline.

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According to a source ,she said that “I was nominated for a Star Parivaar award and on a red carpet rubbing shoulders with India’s finest actors.”

“It was a big change for me, but I have enjoyed every step of it and I am thankful that Indian audiences have welcomed me with open arms.”

Speaking about his mum’s success in India, Mawaan said: “The first thing that came to my mind was ‘finally!’.

“My mum is such a talented and strong woman; she totally deserves all the success.”

The other thing which is not known to many that Shahnaz Rizwan had a major accident sometime back in February (2014), which has restricted her movements to the wheel chair for some time.But the actress managed to do shooting on the wheel chair only.

But Now ,she is good and healthy and we hope she will be like that ever.

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