SUPER TWIST : Nidhi to separate Raman and Ishitha again

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to hit the screens with it’s interesting twists and turns every now and then. The show excited the audience with gulaboo’s track where raman comes to mani’s house.

As per the current track Raman takes the duty of pihu and promises ishitha that he will drop her home after the party. But he will not come home with pihu.

In the coming episodes of the show, Ishitha gets to know that raman is arrested on the charges of drunk and drive. She will be worried for pihu and reaches police station.

On the other hand, Pihu will be chased by some gundas but at the nick of time she will e saved by someone. Ishitha will be angry on raman but bails him out of the jail.

She believes that he cannot put pihu’s life in danger and thinks to find the real reason. It will found that some one spiked raman’s drink in the bar and this will be none other than gulaboo.

Shocked how will Gulaboo spike raman’s drink ??

Actually it is none other than Nidhi who will do this to remove him from job and create differences between raman and ishita.

Will raman tells the secret to ishitha and mani? Will he takes the blame on gulaboo.

Stay tuned for the next updates of raman and ishitha’s life.

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