Super TWIST: Ruhi joins shagun going against ishitha and Raman

Star plus Yeh hai mohabbatein is going to show new twists and turns.

Raman and Ishitha worry about ruhi as she is going to work with sahil. They try to explain her that he is not the correct person, she gets angry on them.

Raman tries to check ruhi’s mobile but he does not get the password. Later he types ishitha’s birthdate then the phone gets unlocked.

Ishitha sees him and asks him not to do such things. In the meanwhile, ruhi comes and shouts on raman for doubting her. She says that she has everyone’s photos in her phone including sahil.

Later Raman feels bad and thinks to apologize her. He goes to her room and then sees sahil coming to ruhi’s room through window. Raman beats sahil black and blue.

Mani will soon find out that Shagun is having an extramarital affair with Vidyut. On confronting her, Shagun will blame Ishita for spilling the secret out and thereby spoiling her relationship with Mani. Shagun is revengeful and on finding out Ruhi’s infatuation with Sohail, she will plan to use Ruhi against Ishita and Raman!

So wait and read the next update to know more.