Top 3 Twists: Nidhi’s plan against raman, Ishitha angry, Pihu will know Gulabo secret

Star Plus Ye hai mohabbatein is not leaving a single stone unturned to attract the audience with it’s interesting drama. Raman gets struck with shagun as she is not feeling well. He takes her to hospital but gets bored with the ladies talk.

In the coming episodes, Ishitha and Toshiji doubt on raman when they hear ladies voice while talking to him. They both reach office to check raman. Some how romi asks raman to come to office as toshiji is angry on him.

On the other hand, Godhbharai rasam starts and everyone will be happy to attend. Bhallas and Iyer ladies come to Mani’s house to bless shagun. Mihika becomes incharge for the arrangements.

Nidhi also enters the place and keeps an eye on mani. She follows mani where ever he goes and is upto a plan to harm shagun.

Gulaboo will be suspicious about nidhi. But nidhi feels that gulabo will spoil her work and tries to defame her infront of the family.She shouts on Gulaboo when he is changing some flowers. Nidhi tells that she has worked with many stars and knows how the work to be done.

Not only that when some fruits miss from the function, nidhi blames gulaboo as the culprit. This makes ishitha angry and shouts on Gulaboo.

Soon Pihu will come to know that Gulaboo is none other than her papa Raman. Isn’t that exciting.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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