Top 3 TWISTS: Happiness, Sorrow and Separation in Raman and ishitha’s Life

Star Plus popular and everyone’s favorite show Yeh hai mohabbatien is going to show a lot of twists and turns in the coming episodes of the show.

As we have seen that raman is trying to bring ruhi out of the jail with the help of parmeet. Somehow ishitha comes to know that he is trying to bring ruhi out of the jail in an illegal way.

She kidnaps nidhi instead of ruhi and this makes raman angry and he will blame ishita for risking ruhi’s life and even taunts her that she proved that she is not real mother of ruhi. Ishitha gets hurt and challenges raman that she will bring ruhi out of jail in 24 hours.

 In the coming episodes, Ishitha warns suhail to accept his ccrime otherwise his sister nidhi will die. With no option left, he will surrender himself to police and ruhi gets free from jail.

Everyone will be happy in Bhalla house including raman. But the story is not going to end here.

According to the latest news, Ishitha who will be hurt of raman’s words leaves bhalla house with pihu and ruhi. She shifts to Iyer’s house as she don’t want to live with raman.

Will raman and ishitha gets separated? Will raman able bring his family back to his bhalla house.

Stay tuned as the next twist will be updated soon.