What No One Tells You About Mt. Everest Trekking

Mount Everest Trek gives the thrill of excellent views, beautiful passing moraines, and frozen ponds. Your eyes will witness the most spectacular mountain views and glimpse of the world’s Biggest Mountain.

Everest Trek is one of the most famous and dreamed by all mountain lovers, especially all those want to feel the adventure of climbing Mountains. An ultimate achievement and exciting opportunity for anyone who intends to stand at the world’s highest point on earth.

Beautiful Trekking trail will give the lifetime opportunity to be in the lap of the world’s highest peak 8848m. One can see the breathtaking scenarios such as valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and forests. You will be surrounded by the mightiest places and mountains this planet has to offer.

An excellent opportunity to see legendary Sherpas who are known to the world as born climbers and observing their culture helps to learn new things.

It is a daring venture to summit and is recommended only for experienced climbers to take the plunge, and Mojhi will assist you in this. But we must say it is a thrilling experience, and many climbers dream to reach it.

It is filled with challenges as one may face health problems due to weather contingencies and much more. So you should be mentally prepared for everything and to do anything to reach the summit.

The best time for Himalayan trek is when the weather is quite sunny and warm. It is during India’s autumn (September to November) or spring season (March to May).  The summer months of monsoon rains and winter months from December to February are most unfavorable for Everest Expedition.

Everest trekking will give a banquet of spectacular mountain views and offers you learning new cultures of the world; that is unlike to our own.

You may also be given the opportunity to explore the heritage-listed Sagarmatha National Park, which is home to a variety of beautiful flora and fauna.

On your way, you feel joy in waving and keeping your foot on six tallest peaks in the world- Mount Everest, Mount Makalu, Cho Oyu, Mount Lhotse and Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. It is a journey filled with full of learning and adventures.

Once you have completed the MountEverest Trek it is a proud moment for you. It gives a lifetime experience, and you will be surely a changed person and that the mountains will call you again.

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